Major Projects in Personnel Management

  • US Department of Defense - Lockheed Martin Marietta Corp. – TCA was subcontracted for the technical and administrative human resource management needed for the refurbishment of radar systems, tower building, S03 radars and M34 radars in Egypt (4 contracts).

  • USAID Egypt - University Linkages Project - ULP II – labour contracts - TCA worked with Mendez England and Associates on the developing the work plans of the individual researchers and the financial system of the project. TCA helped in the recruitment process of the projects key personnel and managed them as its own employees on loan to the project during their employment.

  • USAID Washington – Cross Sectoral Urban Training for USAID Staff – SUM II IQC Task order Mendez England – TCA provided training for and Speaker Series on “Making Cities Work”. TCA designed technical training on municipal finance and support in delivering collaborative and cross sectoral training. TCA was a subcontractor to Mendez England.

  • USAID Worldwide – Sustainable Urban Management (SUM II) IQC – Mendez England - TCA was a subcontractor to Mendez England for providing such services as procurement services, training, and small grants under contract program of USAID for worldwide mission support in the areas of urbanization, management, environment and health.

  • USAID Ethiopia – Global Health Private Sector Project – Academy for Educational Development (AED) – TCA was a subcontractor to AED for providing training and institutional capacity building and procurement services.

  • USAID Worldwide – People, Energy, Development (PED) IQC – Academy for Educational Development – training and capacity strengthening assistance in the areas of energy and environmental sectors. TCA was a subcontractor to AED.

  • USAID Egypt – has contracted TCA to identify human resources to meet immediate and medium term needs of its mission in Egypt.

  • USAID Worldwide – Support Which Implements Fast Transition (SWIFT II) IQC PADCO – TCA was a subcontractor to PADCO for providing procurement services, training, small grants under contract program of USAID for worldwide mission support in the areas of post conflict environments.

  • The OPEX program in Africa – implemented in about 20 countries, TCA contributed to the design of this program and its administration. This involved recruitment of several candidates for various positions required for AID projects in health, education, agriculture and other development fields.

  • Provision of technical personnel under the normal delivery mechanisms of contracts and grants in various countries. These individual agreements ranged from under $ 10,000 to some $ 20 million and have extended in time from one month to 8 years.

  • Swaziland National Manpower Training Program ¬– training Swazi government employees, Swazi training institutions, private sector businesses, traditional leaders and U.S. and Third Country training for individuals in finance, business and management, science, education, agriculture, health and engineering

  • Somalia Refugee Resettlement Project – recruited and expanded refugee employment by 110,000 man days, trained 100 refugees in road and water infrastructure maintenance and construction skills.

  • Survey for the Manpower Assessment Project in Sudan based on which training needs were determined.

  • Yemen Arab Republic Rural Water Program – strengthening the management capabilities of the Rural Water Supply Department by creating a field construction wing for the department through in-service training of departmental counterparts.

  • Renewable Energy Project of Sudan and the Public Works Project of Yemen - designed and coordinated training programs for the projects and placed and supervised the trainees in Egypt, monitored their performance and supported them logistically.

  • Training Needs Assessments of Egyptian private and public companies to be privatized. This study covered Cairo and Alexandria and was funded by USAID.

  • Providing accounting and financial management workshop series for hundreds of staff of many US private organizations including functional accounting systems, allocation and segregation of costs, overhead, donor accountability, compliance with regulations, computerization etc...
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