Project 'Audit Ready' Assistance

The concept of being ‘audit ready’ for recipients of loans or grants ensures that project files are always ready and self explanatory for an audit. TCA provides expert assistance for various projects to be ‘audit-ready’ by helping maintain arms length dealings and standardized record keeping systems. We undertake a review of existing policies and recommend proper procedures. TCA advises on putting in place professional processes for managing the bidding process including fair, transparent and adequate communication with various bidders supported by the relevant documentation. For existing projects, TCA performs an internal audit to identify any system flaws or weaknesses and recommends impartial and efficient procedures should to be put in place in order to create trusted and dependable work practices. Project accounting systems are reviewed and regular donor compliance issues are addressed with project managers.

TCA provides training on procurement ethics and transparency for project managers with an emphasis on how to be 'audit ready'.


Click here for major projects undertaken by TCA in Project 'Audit Ready' Assistance.

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