Commodity Procurement

TCA is a Procurement Service Agent (PSA) and can provide complete or selected services.  Using a PSA simplifies the procurement process by providing clients with the best and most appropriate commodities and equipment at the most advantageous prices while saving time and ensuring that all procurement rules and regulations of the donor, sponsor and/or provider are met.

We develop for each project a tracking system that allows TCA as well as clients to track the progress of procurement and the status of shipping.  We provide the project with a GANTT chart that explains the time line required for each procurement.  TCA has always delivered within short deadlines and met challenging milestones. With an impressive track record of over 30 years TCA has never been protested or received a negative audit.

Commodities procured range from IT equipment, furniture, pharmaceutical products (vaccines, medications etc…), medical equipment to motor vehicles and heavy equipment.

TCA has worked on several major USAID funded health projects in various countries and extensively in Egypt.

Although it is able to handle large projects, TCA has the big comparative advantage of being a small business firm which helps contractors meet their contractual requirements.


Tasks Undertaken under the Procurement Function


Supply Chain Management

TCA's Supply Chain Management (SCM) function handles interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate cost and time effective supply of product and service packages required by the end customer. 

  • Our services cover the order, delivery and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from order to delivery.

  • TCA designs, plans, controls and monitors the supply chain activities with the objective of synchronizing supply with demand in a way that reduces effort, decreases cost and saves time.

  • TCA makes sure that goods coming from various sources have adequate delivery dates to avoid delays caused by late shipments as well as reducing warehousing cost.

  • TCA sorts out the various goods received and prepares the lots going to every destination in accordance with each end user needs. A packing list is generated for each destination to make it easier for recipients to sign for goods received.

  • Arranging for the distribution route is important to minimize time and cost.

  • TCA has the expertise to handle procurement and distribution in the most delicate situations making sure that critically needed goods are available on time and goods with shelf life or high storage costs are not ordered in excess of normal consumption.

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